Monday, February 13, 2017

After doing some research I am still interested in the topic of the impact Greek life has on it's members. Before I even started looking into my topic I assumed most articles on google would criticize Greek life.Instead when I googled the impact that it has on students a lot of the articles discussed the pros to joining Greek life. The articles discuss how students in Greek life are provided opportunities that none Greek students may not have access to or feel obligated to do. It was discussed how Greek life gives its members an opportunity at leadership positions. These positions allow students to grow and face situations they may have never seen had the not joined Greek life. On top of that it discusses how students are more involved with their community. They perform more community service as well as hold philanthropy events raising awareness for a specific cause. The scholarly articles that will be most beneficial are the ones that show how joining Greek life has positively impacted Greek members lives. It will be important to get specific facts that show how Greek life increases student involvement as well as future success. The important ideas with regards to this topic is to clearly state how Greek students have a positive impact on their community as well as bettering their own lives.*~hmac=cb1667537d452764e15903d4fcad974b03dd03d04f90d65b4927f6f239d3b351
The above link provides a table on page 10 that compares Greek students to non Greek students. This table is important because most of the measured variables have Greek students doing better than the non Greek. This provides important information that shows the impact that Greek life has on its initiates.
This link is important because it compares the positive and negatives of joining Greek life. In this article the pros outweigh the cons which is important when I am trying to show the positive impact of Greek life. While researching my topic I definitely ran into a counterargument. There is also a huge concern with the negative impact that Greek life has on its members. Some articles discuss the substance and alcohol abuse that Greek students face. Another big issue is hazing. Hazing causes deaths almost every year and because of that Greek life faces a lot of backlash. Although these are valid arguments, the positives that Greek life provides for it's members and the community outweight the cons.

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